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We Know Dogs Love Natural Biscuits!

The Biscuit Barkery is your healthy affordable alternative to plain old mass-produced dog biscuits.

Most of "those" biscuits contain artificial fillers, dyes, and preservatives. Many of them known to be bad news - not much to wag your tail about!

We bake all of our natural dog biscuits and treats fresh to order, using natural ingredients. Yummy healthy unprocessed goodies, like:

  • Whole wheat flour

  • rBST/rBGH-free skim milk

  • Farm fresh eggs

  • Real Wisconsin cheese

  • Peanut butter with no hydrogenated oils

  • Local honey

The Biscuit Barkery will be at the Waukesha Farmers' Market selling all our dog biscuits and treats most Saturdays 7 a.m. - noon, through the end of October 2014.

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